Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hello World, I'm Back! - Prairie Charms bracelets

Hello everyone!

Well I have been absent from blogging for a bit now...I was ill and a bit run down so decided to take a break from everything and rest & recharge! BUT I am back live and kicking now so as I sit here supping my peppermint tea (Ok, maybe not fully recovered yet!) I am going to tell you about my latest purchase!

A while back during #bbloggers chat, I was contacted by a company called Prairie Charms asking if I wanted to take part in their bloggers collaboration. I thought, hey why not...I am new to all this so lets give it a go!

The company offered bloggers a special deal on their bracelets and the chance to win a collaboration to design your own lovely piece. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the bracelets goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital which basically sealed the deal for me! Having spent a fair amount of time in hospital as a child I know how important it is to have somewhere special for children to be treated at a time when they are feeling scared and vunerable and every single penny counts.

My bracelets arrived shortly after I ordered them wonderfully packaged and I could not wait to get them open!

The bracelets I ordered were PaytonMaddie and a further black wooden beaded one that is no longer featured on the website (pictured below)!!

I used to make jewellery as a hobby and understand that a lot of time, effort and thought goes into the making of pieces so I have the greatest respect for the girl(s) that make these. I also like the fact that whenever you are wearing them its just a little reminder that you did something wonderful and contributed to the work of an amazing charity!

Keep up the good work Prairie Charms!!

Michelle xxx

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