Thursday, 13 September 2012

Review - Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector

Hey everyone,

I thought I would review this product as I haven't many reviews on it and those that I have seen have been quite negative. This will be a positive one!

Clinique claim that this product can fade dark spots by up to 53% in 2 weeks..that means you need to buy 2 50ml bottles of this to see a difference and at £54 a pop that's extremely expensive if you don't know if it will work for you!

I decided to take the plunge and invested in a 50ml bottle which is supposed to last 6 weeks using it twice a day. The consultant on the counter said that the dark spots on my face from acne should start to fade after about 4 weeks of usage so off I went with my colour chart having matched my blemishes to one of the darker tones :-( ready to try out what had been hailed to be a miracle product for those of us who are far from perfect!!

The product itself has no fragrance and is none oily which is a definite bonus for me as with sensitive oily skin they are two things I like to avoid! You only need 2-3 pumps to cover the whole of the face and the serum is silky smooth as absorbs into the skin well. If you put too much on, like I did the first couple of times, you tend to get a 'film' forming on the skin which I have seen a couple of people mention in reviews. If this happens you just need to use less!

After 4 weeks of usage I was impressed! My skin felt smooth, looked glowy and my scars were beginning to fade...this is by no means a overnight wonder product, it does need to be used day and night over a course of weeks to see a difference. Sunscreen or a moisturiser with a high SPF is essential with this product as the sun can make dark spots worse.

I continued with this product for the full 12 weeks and the scar I based the colour chart on faded by 4-5 shades! It really works! The only problem is that I get spots constantly so fresh dark spots are appearing all the time!

If I had the cash I would use this constantly to keep my skin in check but over the course of a year that would mean I would be spending £486 on one product alone!! I just don't think I can justify that so sorry Clinique but you have priced me out of this one!

If anyone knows of any cheaper alternatives to this I would love to hear about them!

Michelle xx


  1. Really want to try this as I have some hyper pigmentation on my cheeks . Great to hear it has made a real difference to your skin. Might save my pennies to give it a try .

    1. I do think its worth it, would be so much better if it was cheaper though! I am on the hunt for a cheaper alternative though so if I find one I will update!

  2. Fab to hear it worked but such a shame it's so expensive! :(

    1. I know! gutted I cant carry on using it...maybe next time bonus time is on I might get another one :-)