Monday, 24 September 2012

August/Sept empties!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to do my first empties post a bit earlier than this but I have been using enormous bottles of everything that seem to last forever! I feel I have enough now to justify this post!!

Well here is what I have used over the course of august (and in some cases further back!!) and what has passed of this month! apologies for the naff photo but the weather here is awful and I have had to put the lounge light on which gives off a very yellow glow!

I thought I would start with the hair products...I do love hair products but still need to find that one amazing product which will give my superstar style shiny locks!

I seem to get through a lot more conditioner than shampoo because I have really long hair and smother it in the stuff! So I will go from left to right...
  • Organix morrocan argan oil conditioner: I really did not like this product at all! I don't think it did anything for my hair and it was really heavily perfumed so irritated my scalp! I don't know how they can justify calling themselves Organix...there's nothing organic about this! Repurchase? No Way!

  • Herbal essences fresh balance shampoo and conditioner: I really like this shampoo and conditioner, It keeps my hair fresh for longer than anything else I have used and has a nice delicate fragrance. I go back to this time and time again but find if I use it for too long my scalp does start to get a bit irritated (as you are probably starting to gather, I have a very sensitive scalp!!) Repurchase? Yes.

  • Lush Veganese conditioner: I LOVE the smell of this conditioner and it doesn't irritate me BUT it is just too light for my hair, it doesn't seem to condition the ends enough and my hair still looks a bit frazzled :-( its a shame because I do really like this. Repurchase? No, but I would like to try some other lush conditioners!

  • Elemis melting cleansing gel: This is smells of orange and feels very fresh on the face, it melts off all make-up and is one of my fave cleansers. It doesn't last as long as others I have used but that may be because I am a bit greedy with it and use quite a lot. Elemis is one of my fave luxury brands and I will be using it for years to come!! Repurchase: Already have it stockpiled!

  • Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S thirst quenching serum: I got this in a glossybox a while back and when we had a really hot week thought I would give it a go as its much lighter than my regular moisturiser. Its lovely and it really hydrates but I think for winter I will need to stick with something richer. Repurchase? Maybe next summer (if we get one!!)

  • Body shop coconut shower gel: I know a lot of people like this but I really didn't. It was moisturising but I don't think it smelled at all like coconut and the bubbles left my shower all sticky! I prefer the fruity ones or the Shea butter range. Repurchase? Nope.
  • Decleor cleansing gel for oily skin: This is a 400ml bottle and I have been using it for about 6 months! I really like this cleansing gel and it is very light and refreshing on oily skin. The fragrance is very delicate and its not a foaming cleanser so doesn't dry out the skin. Repurchase: probably at some point but I have others I want to try.

  • L'Occitane verbena hand wash: This is a 500ml refill and lasts about 4 months (with only me using it!) I love this hand wash and have it in every place I need hand wash in the house! It keeps hands in great condition and smells divine! Repurchase: another thing I have stockpiled!

  • Mitchum anti-perspirant: This is the only anti-perspirant I use...I don't really like sprays because they seem to make me sneeze and this lasts all day! The blue and pink ones smell really nice and girly too which is a bonus! Repurchase: Already have.

  • Clinique even better dark spot correcter: I have already reviewed this earlier this month. I really like it and it works but its so expensive! Repurchase? Maybe when I am feeling rich! on the look out for something just as good!

  • MAC Matchmaster make-up: This is my usual make-up of choice  but I have just discovered Chanel perfection Lumiere which I also love. I now have a bottle of both so I can swap and change when I feel like! The MAC is heavier coverage so tends to get used on bad skin days and was part of my project 5 pan so that's one down! 4 to go!! Repurchase: Already have.

  • Perfumes: Prada Candy: I quite liked this scent but it didn't seem to last very long on me. Repurchase? nope sorry! Victor and Rolf, flowerbomb: I really like this perfume and it is now on my list of wants, this one seems to last quite well on me. Repurchase? Its on the list! Roberto cavalli: I liked this enough to go and buy myself and my mum a bottle! It reminds me very much of a perfume my mum used to wear when I was little but I don't remember what it was! Repurchase? Already have! Marc Jacobs, Oh lola: I love Marc Jacobs perfumes and collect the bottles! this is the only one I don't have so again this is another one on the wants list! Repurchase? again on the list!! Memo Paris, Lalibela: This is one of my fave samples...I adore this perfume and it lasts for ages! its a shame it is so hard to get hold of and is so expensive! I may have to treat myself to this at some point in the future! Repurchase? YES!!
have you used any of these products? if so I would love to know your opinion on them too! I think that's enough from me for now though! time to go use some more goodies up!! 

Michelle xxx 


  1. Ooh lots of empties! So satisfying :)

  2. Love these posts, definitely want to try a few of those, especially the Lush Veganese conditioner :) x

  3. im so jealous, I have the hardest time using a product up before losing it or something lol!