Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Project 5 Pan

Hi everyone, 

This is my first project pan post and anyone that knows me knows I NEED to do this! Just to get rid of some stuff! I have waaaay too much, but I am sure I am not the only one out there ;-)

So these are the items I have decided to use up!!!

1. Benefit porefessional 7.5ml
2. Estee Lauder Double wear mineral rich loose powder makeup
3. MAC Matchmaster foundation
4. MAC Studio finish concealer
5. Avon Lipstick in Pink (this is similar to a Revlon) lip butter

The benefit has been about half used and I stopped using it because I got the Stila one in the Selfridges box! This is something I really need to stop doing and I need to finish products BEFORE I crack open the new ones but I am like a child with toys...I MUST play with the new ones! this should get used up soon!

The Estee Lauder has been on the go for about 8 months now and there isn't too much left (pic below). I originally bought this as a foundation but its terrible! It gives hardly any coverage and doesn't last the day. However, I have found that it makes a really good setting powder so that's what I have been using it for and thats why it has lasted me so long!

The MAC matchmaster has been my foundation of choice for a while now, simply because its the only one I have found that matches my skin tone closely enough and provides enough coverage for my liking! I am uber pale! I have just discovered Chanel perfection lumiere suits my skin tone really well so I am keen to get the MAC finished so I can invest in a bottle of Chanel! The level is down to the 'matchmaster' writing now so not long to go!

The MAC concealer has also been my concealer of choice for a while now but I am currently treating my skin with zineryt and it is getting quite dry on the chin. This is where I put my concealer to cover my acne scars and it is tending to go quite 'cakey' after an hour or so. If anyone has any suggestions for good concealers for pale skin that is a little dry, let me know! Would love to try a new one out!

I have chosen to use up the avon...just because really! its been sitting there for a while now and its a nice neutral pink so is good for everyday use! they don't make this one any more so I think its about time it went bye bye!

As an additional thing..not part of project pan as I thought it was too ambitious, I have been using a body shop shimmer brick as my everyday eyeshadow for about 9 months now...its not even half gone! I am determined to use ALL of this up but its going to take me a long long time even using it every day! I have included a photo to show usage against one I have not used. I love this but its slightly annoying that its lasting so long because I want to buy something new!! Maybe it should have a 'project' all of its own called 'project shimmer brick'!

are you doing project pan? If so I would love to hear what you are trying to use up too!!


  1. Great project, I really need to have a clean out too so that would be perfect! Good luck!! :) x

    1. Thanks Alex...I am going to try and do this more often to get things used up! Theres things you will need to constantly re-purchase like foundation but the amount of eyeshadows I have is just excessive!

  2. Great post! Good luck, I so need to do the same :)
    Eyeshadows do take forever to use up don't they?!

    Following :)


    1. eye shadows do take ages to use up! particularly these body shop ones! I think if it was a normal sizes eye shadow I would have hit the pan on it at least by now! Blushers are the same. I have been using my current one for about a year and its just starting to get a visible dent in it...but I still have 4 others in waiting! so bad!!

  3. I really need to do one of these! Good luck! x

  4. Yes I'm doing a Bobbi Brown Project 5 pan, 2 blushers, a concealer, foundation, and powder. The blushers are going to take forever to finish so I've given myself till the end of the year!

    I find those BS shimmer bricks go all over the place!

    1. I do think the shimmer bricks are a bit messy but over primer they seem to be ok! its only the lightest one anyway so its not a huge disaster if it drops onto my cheeks!

  5. Haha I have just started the body shimmer shadows. looks like i'll still have when i'm in my 40s in that case. you're motivating me to do project pan.hmmmm x